Coronavirus Preparedness

Coronavirus food preparedness: How to stock up for a possible 14-day quarantine?

The coronavirus outbreak has quickly turned supermarkets and big-box retailers into a crowded mess with long lines and empty shelves. That’s understandable considering our local and national agencies recommended residents have a 14-day supply of food, medicine, and other daily household items as the positive coronavirus tests continued to mount.

But are you getting the right things and checking off all the boxes? And please note, the recommendation was stock up for two weeks — the expected time of a possible quarantine if you become infected — not hoard like it’s the zombie apocalypse.

To help make sense of the chaos and concern, first, take a deep breath, and then think sensibly about what you and your household needs. Take inventory of what you have on hand. Identify the gaps and make a strategic list. We’ve enlisted the help of some experts to help in that last step:

Diane Concannon, a spokeswoman for American Red Cross in New Jersey, said it’s key to involve all family members in the planning process for a possible quarantine.

“I think the best advice is to sit down with your family and discuss what the plan would be,” she said. “So that if everyone was to need to remain in place for two weeks, what would everyone want on hand? Then the family could build that list together.”

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