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Companion Home Care

We will always be by your side – your warm and friendly companion.

At Diligent Home Health Care we understand the value of companionship. It’s that personal connection that’s such an essential part of what makes us feel valued, and keeps us as part of both our family and our community.

Our companion care services are designed to help you stay included, maintain social networks and relationships, and enable ongoing participation in the community. We understand that everyone has different needs and preferences, so we tailor our services specifically for your needs.

Diligent Home Care offers specific companion care services that include:

  • Regular visits. You and your care givers can share activities that you want to pursue like scrap booking, photo albums, family tree, current news, favorite books, playing cards or watching a movie.
  • Need a hand. You might like help communicating and connecting with family and friends; maybe writing a letter, sending emails or using social media. Or perhaps you want help with your computer, iPad, TV, mobile phone or other electronic device
  • Outings. You’ll be able to enjoy concerts, theatre, movies or whatever special things you like to do. Your care giver does the organizing and goes with you, so you have a friend to share the experience with.
  • Social gatherings. You’ll be able to invite family and friends to your home because there’s someone to help prepare the house, food and drinks.
  • Transport. Care givers can go with you to appointments and events, and they’ll look after prescriptions, shopping and errands, either with you or for you.


We offer a wide selection of home care services that are all intended to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve. Check out the services we offer below.
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